Anna R.

Teacher of Russian history, general art history

Foreign Languages

- Russian (native)
- English
- French


- Lomonosov Moscow State University, major in “art history” (1988).
- All-Union Institute for Further Education of Members of the Press, major in “organization of the management and economics of publishing” (1988).
- Candidate of Culturology (1998, «Время Кандинского в большом времени ХХ века» “Kandinsky in the Big Time of the 20th Century”),Doctor of Culturology (2007, «Наивное видение как мир впервые» “Naïve Vision; Seeing the World for the First Time”).
- Continuing education: “History and Philosophy of Science” (MSU, 2005), “International Education and UNESCO Programs in Moscow School” (Moscow Institute of Open Education, 2008), “Modern Strategies in Continuing Multilingual Education” (Moscow City University, 2007), Diplomas and certificates from the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, RCC PAS UNESCO (Regional Coordination Center for Project “Associated Schools of UNESCO”) “Moscow”, Management in education (2015) and others.

Professional experience

– 1988-1993. Publishing house of the USSR Academy of Sciences, editorial staff of the Catalog of Historical and Cultural Monuments. Position: senior scientific editor.

– 1993-2014. Russian Institute of Culturology (RIC). Position: senior research fellow, head of the Center for Continuing Education in Culturology of the RIC.

– 2000-2017. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Journalism and Literary Arts, State Budget General Educational Institution Middle School No. 2012.

– Special courses “Visual Anthropology” in the philosophy department of MSU, “Culturology”, “History of Russian Culture”, “Russian Language through the Language of Russian Film”, “Russian History”, “General History”, “Social Theory”, etc. (all in classes 10-11).

– Organizer and leader of courses in continuing education “Culturological Approach to Teaching in the Conditions of Modernization in Russian Education” (2011). Position: senior instructor.

Additional information

– Teacher of Russian history, general art history, history of Russian art, history of Russian film, history of Russian television. Recognized as a teacher of the highest qualification.

– Has graduate students who have successfully defended their dissertations. Her school students are chosen every year for certification in history and social theory and pass with excellent results. Her students have won the regional level of the All-Russian Student Olympics in the subjects of history and social theory.

– Over 100 publications, science editor of journal “Sobranie”, senior editor for compilations of “Yaziki Kultur”, “Imitafory” in the series “Bersenevsky Collections”, editor and compiler for “Culturology: People and Ideas”, member of the editorial board for the journal “Culture and Art”.

Семейное положение

Married with one adult daughter.


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