The World Around Us

Категория курса: Natural sciences

Возраст: 7-12 лет

Lessons in Russian adapted for bilingual children living outside of Russia. The course “The World Around Us” introduces children to a discussion of humankind’s cultural experience and how we relate to nature, society and ourselves. It’s based on the TRIZ system (aka TIPS, or Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) with open-ended questions that prompt the student to not simply memorize, but analyze facts. During each lesson the children are presented with engaging material, active discussion of different topics including the masterpieces of world art and both spoken and written assignments to develop and evaluate new skills.

This course is taught by

  • Anastasia F.
    Russian language teacher
    Teacher of Russian Language and Literature for bilingual children, offline and online. Teacher at the Kolobok Russian School, Barcelona. Co-author of the... Learn more...

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