The Natural Sciences

Категория курса: Natural sciences

How is it that a single cell can become a snail or a dog? Why is it that, consuming the same food, breathing the same air and living in the same conditions, different organisms develop very differently? Where, when and how did the first humans appear?

Every child wonders about these and many similar questions from time to time. Using a fun and entertaining format, Natalia G. will answer all these questions and tell about many fascinating – and at times, surprising – discoveries in biology. Engaging texts and visual aids like original photos and drawings accompany each lesson.

Why is salt salty and grass green? How does soap work? Why does paper burn? Chemistry has the answers to all such questions and can reveal the secrets of both everyday familiar objects and the most distant stars. Chemistry can be a surprising science. It explains the behavior of innumerable substances, both useful and dangerous, that are found all around and inside of us. Therefore, a basic knowledge of chemistry is essential for everyone whether they be a construction worker, a farmer, a computer engineer or a housewife. There is so much to discover and learn! And so many amazing scientific feats that can be accomplished! However, being such a complex and deep field, chemistry demands a great deal of attention. It is included in the curriculum for the state examinations used in the Russian Federation, as well as the entrance exams for many liberal arts and medical institutions both in Russia and abroad. Helping the students progress and fill gaps in their knowledge of chemistry are the primary goals of the course.

We offer an individualized approach to study with the use of our own methodology, which allows us to help the student advance and fill those knowledge gaps as quickly as possible, on the condition, of course, that the student HIMSELF is prepared to study hard. The instructor is the author the methodology for teaching chemistry and biology used in the course. The material is presented in a simple and easy to understand format that conforms to educational standards. Natalia G. loves her subject and wants her students to as well! The natural sciences are our life and a healthy interest in them should be encouraged – starting in childhood!

This course is taught by

  • Natalia G.
    Teacher of Chemistry and Biology
    1992-2008 – Lipetsk School No. 48, Lipetsk. Responsibilities: teacher/organizer, teacher of chemistry, biology, ecology, the world around us for middle and... Learn more...

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