Russian and World Geography

Категория курса: Natural sciences

Возраст: 7-18 лет

Goal: to familiarize students with the geography of Russia, as well as Russian and world economic geography.

What we will learn:

Practical skills:

  • making and reading graphs and charts,
  • the basics of data analysis,
  • reading maps,
  • orienting yourself on a map,
  • using a compass and traditional watch,
  • packing for travel,
  • behavior in emergency situations,
  • efficient use of natural resources ,
  • creating sociological surveys,
  • economics in everyday life,
  • management of human resources,
  • choosing travel destinations,
  • understanding weather forecasts,
  • making simple measurements by hand,
  • how to foresee, assess and avoid danger caused by environmental and natural factors (floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc.),
  • social responsibility and cultural tolerance.

Theoretical knowledge:

  • we study economic sectors and their development in different geographic regions of Russia and the world,
  • climatic and other natural features of various regions in Russia,
  • water and other natural resources in Russia,
  • globalization and world economics, the development of international and transnational companies,
  • development of post-industrial economics in Russia,
  • international migration in Russia,
  • international organizations,
  • basics of area studies (Russia),
  • interethnic and intercultural relations,
  • international tourism
  • basics of statistics and analysis (content and SWOT analysis).

This course is taught by

  • Anna K.
    Teacher of science, geography and business
    - Russian-British School, Omsk – teacher of English and Chinese language; teacher of English language subjects (science, geography, business); individual... Learn more...

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