Literature and Storytelling

Категория курса: Russian language and literature

Возраст: 5-18 лет

The goal of this course is to familiarize children with the most important works of Russian literature (or Russian and world literature) using an entertaining format. At the beginning of the course, parents are given a general list of the literature arranged by age group. Parents (to help the student get the most out of the course) are encouraged to help the instructor by reading some of the material from the list in advance or listening to audiobooks together with their child. In the lessons the instructor will briefly discuss the most relevant and interesting information about the epoch, author, plot, characters and main themes of the work. In the course of lessons, we will also read important excerpts or fragments from the work, explain any difficult vocabulary, listen to audio or watch video clips (from a film or cartoon adaptation, for example) and look at illustrations from the book. The student will answer questions about the works, do quizzes to test their understanding as well as other engaging assignments. This approach allows us to study great literary works without having to read them in full, to adapt material for bilingual students, and to broaden both their perspectives and their vocabularies.

This course is taught by

  • Anna B.
    Russian language teacher
    - 1993-1996: Teacher of Russian language at “Computer Znanie” college, Moscow; - 1996-1999: Teacher of Russian language in the linguistics department... Learn more...

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