General Russian language course for bilingual children

Категория курса: Russian language and literature

Возраст: 7-18 лет

The general course for children and teenagers consists of a multifaceted curriculum, designed to develop the four primary language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Throughout the course, a wide range of study materials is used, specifically created for bilingual children. The choice of materials may vary depending on your child’s level of Russian language, which is determined during the first lesson with the aid of an assessment test for bilingual children and teenagers. In particular, we actively use texts and materials by Nina Vlasova, Textbooks from the series “Russian without Borders”, “Contacts”, and additional materials written by specialist on bilingual education Daria Kumatrenko. Our teachers work out an individual program of study for each student depending on their level, goals and needs; therefore, we also create our own personal materials for lessons, examples of which may be seen on our blog.

This course is taught by

  • Ekaterina K.
    Russian language teacher
    - Teacher Russian as a Foreign Language, mother tongue and second mother tongue; International School of Moscow; August, 2011 -... Learn more...
  • Anastasia F.
    Russian language teacher
    Teacher of Russian Language and Literature for bilingual children, offline and online. Teacher at the Kolobok Russian School, Barcelona. Co-author of the... Learn more...

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