Courses in Russian Culture and Russian Art

Категория курса: Culture and art

Возраст: 8-18 лет

Anna Rilyova, expert in cultural studies, offers a variety of courses: history and history of Russian culture and art as a base for those who prefer an academic approach, plus various specialized courses that can be added to supplement the basic one. You have the option of choosing and combining (or not) the courses as you wish. You can even order a customized course of study from the instructor based on your own preferences. Lessons can be conducted in an individual or group format; you can join together with other students according to your interests and enjoy learning in a group of like-minded people. Any course can be adapted for younger schoolchildren. All courses provide fun and lively reading material from talented authors, who use accessible stories to paint a picture of historical life, culture and art in Russia, as well as questions, exercises, games and various opportunities to practice, allowing the student to improve not only their understanding of history, but also their language skills.

Basic Courses

1. History of Russian Culture
2. History of Russian Iconography
3. History of Russian Painting
4. History of Russia

Additional Courses

1. History of Russia in Pictures, Film and Cartoons
2. History of Ancient Rus in Famous Icons and Cathedrals
3. History of Russia as the Fate of Russians (famous Russian politicians, scientists, artists, businessmen, doctors, etc.)
4. Russian Folk Ornaments and Handicrafts
5. Wooden Houses and Churches of Russia
6. History/Social Studies (also preparation for state assessment exams and EGE)
7. Moscow and Muscovites (customs and traditions of Moscow)

This course is taught by

  • Anna R.
    Teacher of Russian history, general art history
    - 1988-1993. Publishing house of the USSR Academy of Sciences, editorial staff of the Catalog of Historical and Cultural Monuments.... Learn more...

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