Course on Russian language and literature based on the Russian Federation school curriculum

Категория курса: Russian language and literature

Возраст: 7-18 лет

This course was designed specially for Russian-speaking children and teenagers living outside of Russia, who would like to receive the same education in Russian language and literature that is required by the Russian Federation school curriculum, using the same textbooks and study materials as the Russian school system. The course is taught by an experienced instructor with many years of teaching in Russian schools. The student can choose between a course of Russian language only, Russian literature only, or a combined course. We also offer preparation for the ЕГЭ (the EGE or “Unified State Exam”) on Russian language and literature. This course is available to students above 10 years of age with a high level of Russian (according to the results of our assessment testing) and excellent reading and writing skills.

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