Course on reading and analysis of text for children and teenagers

Категория курса: Russian language and literature

Возраст: 7-18 лет

This course involves reading and discussing a variety of texts. It is intended not only to expand the student’s vocabulary, but also to enrich their knowledge of Russian culture and develop their communication skills, specifically the ability to discuss, recall and analyze written material, as well as express their own opinions on it. An individualized program is created for each student based on their tastes and needs. The course typically makes use of fragments from Russian classics, the stories of Nosov, Dragunski, Volkov, Bianki, texts from fairy tales and so on. In addition, we actively use reading materials from “Skazoteka” (“Сказкотека”), which was created by leading specialists on bilingualism in children.

This course is taught by

  • Anastasia F.
    Russian language teacher
    Teacher of Russian Language and Literature for bilingual children, offline and online. Teacher at the Kolobok Russian School, Barcelona. Co-author of the... Learn more...

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