Course on conversational Russian

Категория курса: Russian language and literature

Возраст: 7-18 лет

The primary goal of a conversational course is to improve and develop the student’s communication skills in various areas of everyday life. Bilingual children and teens living abroad often lack the opportunity to fully master the rich variety of communicative possibilities presented by the Russian language. Our instructors will attempt to cover a range of conversation topics as wide as possible in order to help your child communicate in various situations. They will create an individualized program based primarily on the student’s level of Russian, but also on his/her particular gaps in knowledge, as determined by the teacher.

This course is taught by

  • Anastasia F.
    Russian language teacher
    Teacher of Russian Language and Literature for bilingual children, offline and online. Teacher at the Kolobok Russian School, Barcelona. Co-author of the... Learn more...
  • Ekaterina K.
    Russian language teacher
    - Teacher Russian as a Foreign Language, mother tongue and second mother tongue; International School of Moscow; August, 2011 -... Learn more...

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