Course in Russian History

Категория курса: History

Возраст: 8-18 лет

The goal of this course is to give children living in bilingual families outside of Russia a complete and systematic knowledge of Russian history, while taking into account the individual needs of each student.

The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive picture of the history of Russia along with a socio-linguistic component where necessary. For convenience, the course is divided into different modules, which can be mixed and matched to place emphasis on different aspects of history, depending on the student’s needs and level of knowledge. Each module contains a collection of illustrated, audio and video materials related to the topic.

Modules can also be used for group lessons.

1. Factors that influence choice of material when creating an individualized curriculum:

- age;
- knowledge of Russian language and life (especially terminology and historical facts);
- familiarity with Russian culture (Russian schools, clubs, whether they spend time in Russia with relatives or otherwise, whether they have any knowledge of diaspora, etc.);
- whether the student lives in Russia.

2. The course contains:

- audio/video – songs, humorous poems, lullabies, hymns, examples of different styles of speech;
- graphic materials (artifacts, objects from daily life, paintings, posters, photographs);
- the minimum necessary facts (eras of Russian history, most important dates and events, main historical and cultural figures);

3. Homework (can be discussed individually):

- has a creative component;
- must be interesting and suitable for the student’s level;
- can be completed with the help of materials found on the Internet.

4. Linguistic component to aid the development of speech in bilingual children and teens (where necessary):

- lexicon (socio-linguistics, semantics)
- development of speech (but without emphasizing it)

Course Modules

Politics and War

Rulers The most influential heads of state throughout Russian history – essential biographical information, the main historical events to take place during their rule, their influence on history, military leaders and war heroes.
Events Milestones in Russia’s history – the formation of states and governments, revolutions, coups and reforms./td>
Process The formation of Ancient Rus, relocation of the government to Vladimir, formation of Moscow Principality and Tsarstvo, rise of the Russian Empire, revolution and formation of the USSR, collapse of the USSR and rise of the Russian Federation.
Other Historical Figures Noteworthy politicians, diplomats, reformers, revolutionaries, etc.
Foreign Policy Russia’s relationships with foreign states at various points in its history.
Wars The most significant wars in Russia’s history – dates, causes, opponents, main facts, results.


Agriculture The role played by agriculture in Russia’s history, farming techniques, land cultivation, etc.
Industry Light and heavy industry, the Industrial Revolution and its development, current industrial conditions.
Trades Traditional trades, their division by region, technology, traditions, historical and modern.
High Technology The space and aeronautics industry, Skolkovo Innovation Center, growth and development of transport (including mobile apps), facilitation of citizens’ access to government services.
Finances History of money in Russia, important historical milestones, appearance, symbolism, etc. The rise and development of the banking system. Taxes.
Personalities Reformers of industry and agriculture, politicians, statesmen, inventors, enthusiasts.
Process The appearance of agriculture, industry, industrialization and urbanization, command and market economies. Economics in Russia today – an overview.
Economic Geography Mineral resources and fossil fuels, distribution of industry and agriculture by region.

Culture and Lifestyle

Visual Arts: Painting and Sculpture Development of painting and sculpture in Russia: the most important names, works of art, movements.
Literature The most important Russian authors: short biographies, main works and their significance in literary history. The history of Russian literature as a whole. Modern Russian literature.
Architecture Development of Russian architecture, architects, most famous monuments.
Arts and Crafts Traditional trades and crafts, technologies, traditions, their application in both history and modernity.
Science The history of Russian science – the greatest scientists and scholars, most important discoveries, universities and academies.
Everyday Life Food, clothing, holidays, customs and traditions, omens and superstitions, social interaction among friends, relatives and outsiders.

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