Course for Young Journalists

Категория курса: Journalism

Возраст: 10-18 лет

This course is intended for teens age 12-18. As students are introduced to the world of journalism, they will not only receive information about a new and interesting profession, but also study history from the perspective of journalism and analyze its role in both our everyday lives and international politics. The children will meet lots of interesting characters: influential thinkers from the past and present, many of whom have been journalists. Students will learn how to create their own journalistic works (using websites for publication, radio and television broadcasts), how to analyze information sources and work with them and how to look at news (and life) through the eyes of a journalist. Journalism provides an excellent opportunity to develop language skills, enrich vocabulary, learn to construct grammatically correct sentences, speak clearly and eloquently, improve communication skills, learn empathy and learn about the psychological components of social interaction. Finally, it is one of the most interesting and accessible ways to receive an endless supply of information about all kinds of different aspects of our lives.

Course Contents

1. What is journalism?
2. What is a journalist? What do they do? What don’t they do?
3. Sources of information?
4. Classic journalistic genres.
5. What is a newspaper? What do the people who work there do?
6. What is radio? What do the people who work there do?
7. What is television? What’s it like to work in television?
8. News agencies.
9. SEO journalism.
10. Press offices and how to work with them.

This course is taught by

  • Olga S.
    Teacher of Journalism
    1994 – 1997: Municipal Radio “Novosibirsk”. Correspondent, editor and host of news broadcasts; Production and planning of radio spots, editing them... Learn more...

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