Child and Teen Psychologist

Категория курса: Consultations

Возраст: All лет

Types of Assistance

  • Consultation with parents regarding the child’s development, challenges specific to children growing up in a bilingual environment and any other complications or difficulties that may appear both from within the family and without.
  • Psychological guidance for the family to help resolve parent-child conflicts, deal with developmental crises typical of certain ages, or any other kind of psychological trauma; also, in the event of serious upheaval or change in family life.
  • Therapy for teenagers: handling depression, aggression, fear, low self-esteem, obsessive-compulsive tendencies and various psychosomatic conditions; also, help with adapting to a new environment (including a new language), questions relating to career, “finding yourself”, personal growth and interpersonal relationships.
  • Meetings for parents with the goal of deepening their knowledge of child and teen psychology, improving their understanding of the psychological aspects of bilingualism, providing information about the possible complications associated with adjusting to a new linguistic environment and ways to overcome them, and may other topics at the request of parents.
  • Q&A sessions for parents: examination of specific cases connected with childhood development and parent-child relationships, sharing feelings and experiences with other parents, working out strategies and recommendations to help resolve complications and establish a constructive dialog with the child or teenager.

Situations in Which We Can Be of Assistance

  • Any kind of behavioral problems displayed by the child that are cause for worry or concern: childhood phobias, low self-esteem, aggression, hyperactivity, depression, fits or temper tantrums, problems eating or sleeping, lack of motivation, etc.;
  • Difficulties in communication between parents and children: inability to establish contact or make friends, to build relationships with other children, problems adapting to a new environment, any kind of conflicts with peers, etc.;
  • Questions relating to motherhood and the early stages of childhood development: getting used to life with a new child, managing sleep-wake cycles, criteria for healthy psychological development, the role of breast-feeding and weening, sleeping separately, etc.;
  • Awkward or problematic ages: first steps and separation at the age of one, establishing identity, the “terrible twos”, adapting to preschool/kindergarten, beginning school at age 6-7, teenage years, etc.;
  • Issues with psychological development and speech, various developmental delays, bilingualism and any other difficulties that may concern you;
  • In situations involving severe psychological trauma, as well as other circumstances that may be emotionally difficult for the child: divorce, loss of a parent or loved one, transition to a new linguistic environment, adjusting to a new school, birth of a new sibling, appearance of a new step-parent, issues with adoption, etc.

This course is taught by

  • Ksenia P.
    Psychologist, psychoanalyst
    1999-2018 – Private psychoanalysis practice (in person and online). Psychological consultation and psychotherapy focused on mental health and well-being, development... Learn more...

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