Basic Mathematics Courses by Age

Категория курса: Mathematics

Возраст: 7-12 лет

In the basic course, children will master various mathematics concepts in Russian language, as well as learn to reason and draw conclusions.

Course for Children Age 7-8

The course consists of the following:
- counting with cardinal and ordinal numbers
- comparing objects, addition, subtraction
- word problems
- fundamental concepts of geometry
Each lesson includes entertaining riddles and logic problems that aid in the development of mathematical skills and also expand the child’s vocabulary.

Course for Children Age 8-9

In the course children will study the following:
- reading, writing and comparing quantities up to 100
- adding and subtracting quantities up to 100, both written and verbally
- solving problems in 1-2 steps
- solving simple geometry problems

Course for Children Age 10-11

- multiplication and division tables
- area and units of area
- circumference and proportions, division with a remainder
- units of mass
- written and verbal methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with the opportunity to expand the course to include set theory and other more advanced topics.

This course is taught by

  • Alesia S.
    Преподаватель математики
    2009-2010 – Teacher of computer science and mathematics in school. 2014-2018 – Teacher at Samara State Technical University in the Department... Learn more...

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