At the Museum with Ermik. History of World and Russian Art for Children.

Категория курса: Culture and art

Возраст: 7-12 лет

Just as the name suggests, this course is an invitation to embark on an unusual journey into the world of art – more specifically, at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, one of the most famous museums in the world. Using an entertaining, game-like format, we help children learn how to understand art by familiarizing them with the great works of painting, sculpture, interior design and architecture found in the Hermitage. And assisting us in our journey will be the Ermiki: real cats employed by the museum to protect its priceless works of art from rodents. Is this really possible? In our classes, all kinds of things are possible! For example, you can meet someone who lived 3,000 years ago and find out what an “Egyptian Matryoshka” is; pay a visit to the Golden Peacock; find out why horses needed armor and how to become a real knight; unravel the secret of the Throne Room; and learn how artists can talk to us using not words, but only paints, brushes and canvas.

And after the class, doing their homework, the students have the opportunity to transform – at least for a short time – into great painters, sculptors or art historians, each producing their own “little masterpiece”, whether it be a drawing, plasticine sculpture, or short text. The best of these works will be entered into a contest that takes place every spring in St. Petersburg called “Day of the Hermitage Cat”. Art is fun! And endlessly interesting!

This course is taught by

  • Nadezhda Z.
    Art History Teacher
    2017-2018 – The Center for Education and Development of Russian Language “Wunder Kid”, Laguna Hills, California, USA. Instructor of World Arts... Learn more...

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